"You Don't Own Me!"

Dear pain, oh, it's been a long time
Remember when you were holding me tied
I would stay awake with you all night

Dear shame, I was safe in your arms
You were there when it all fell apart
I would get so lost in your beautiful eyes
But I let you go
But you're still chasing

Go ahead, you're never gonna take me
You can bend, but you’re never gonna break me
I was yours; I'm not yours anymore
Oh, you don't own me

-Disciple "You Don't Own Me"

No matter what we've done or how bad we've sinned or how tied down we were in shame and fear God is strong enough to pick us up and nothing can EVER pull us out of His arms!



Merry Christmas!

Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!! I pray you all have a great and wonderful time with friends and family that you love! I know I will be spending time with the people I love and cherish! And I also pray that none of us will get caught up in the lights and presents and decorations. But truly focus on the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior! He is the true meaning of Christmas!!




Okay so today i got my hair cut!! It turned out awesome!! I love it so much!! I got my hair layered more, which makes it look better since i have a shorter length. And i got bangs! So happy with it! :)

At first i didn't like it cause it was so different but i got used to it and it's good. Plus i got told i look older so that's always good! :) haha




So i woke up this morning and looked out the window by my bed and it was snowing!! I was so excited!! Perfect timing! The 1st day of snow on the 1st of December! YEAHHH!!! Hope everyone out there that has snow where they live are enjoying it as well! :)

Merry (almost) Christmas! :) haha