Okay so i dont' know about all you guys out there, but it was raining yesterday at my house in NOVEMBER!! It really isn't suppose to do that!!! I'm looking for some snow...NOT RAIN!! Plus the weather is going crazy lately. It was in the 60's yesterday and now it's FREEZING today with a wind chill that feels like it is going to bite your nose off! Man, it was so cold! haha

So i'm really hoping some snow starts to happen soon! i want to make a snowman and fall asleep looking out my window at, not rain, but SNOW!!! :) haha

Can i get a "AMEN!" :)


The Little Things

So here I am! At Saginaw Valley State Universtity! Woke up at 4:45 (7:30 is usually early for me so i'll leave the idea of me waking up at 4:45 to your imagination) and pulled out of the driveway in pitch black. I'm sitting on a smooth wooden bench in a blue carpeted hallway. I can hear the professors talking to their classes and students hurrying to their classes are walking past me.

There are a million different rooms throught the thousands of hallways. I feels like a corn maze walking through the different buildings! How my sister finds her way around her, is beyond me!! :-) The students are all vastly different from each other. One young man walked by me in a suit and dress shoes with his book bag while another passed me with pj pants on and a Aeropostale T shirt. Nothing is the same here. Different hairstyles, clothes, shapes, sizes, heights, and characteristics.

Some of the kids walk past you and say Hi and smile kindly, while others seem to be in a hurry and walk right past you. I look at some of them and can tell they are in a happy mood (especially the one girl who was dancing down the hallway. She obviously got a good grade on that paper! lol) while others seem in their own world and you can tell they woke up a little on the early side of what they are used too...or they just hate colllege. :-) HAHA

So as sit here watching people pass me by weither noticing me or not, I feel a passion inside of me to reach out to them and touch their hearts with God's love. I want to be a kind of person who someone can look at and see God through me. I pray I can be a mirror for God to people all around me, wherever I am!

God, let me share your light with everyone, from the person in the suit and tie down to the guy who sits by himself with sweats and a hoodie on. You love them all! Please give me the same kind of love for them that you have! Let simple things i can do such as a smile, a friendly "Hi," and helping them with the door just touch them and cause a spark to happen. Let the little things make a big difference!



Something Glorious!

Have you ever looked at a person do something incredable, or seen something you thought was so beautiful you couldn't take your eyes off it!?! I know i have!! Every day there are things i wonder at and stop to stare at. Just so many things amaze me!!!

I"m sure you all have had this happen to you at least once before, So you all know what i'm talking about? You see someone sing or play an instrument and you just wonder how they do it! You see a huge building and wonder how someone built it! You look out your window and the grass has a layer of sparking snow covering it and the trees are glistening with ice.

But just think that all those things came from someone a thousands times more wonderful and amazing! God created those things!!! That is what should REALLY blow us away!

SO next time you see someone or something that catches your eye and makes you stop and wonder....look a little deeper and wonder at the Maker behind it! Those things are just a small reflection of how glorious He is!

"Show me something glorious, Show me something glorious, I'll show the Maker of it all, Show me something beautiful, Show me somthing beautiful, I'll show you the One behind it all!"


"Friends Forever"

In the recent days and weeks i've been pondering my friends. And i have come to the conclusion i so don't deserve them!! They are so wonderful and kind to me! I really don't deserve it!!

Whenever I have a bad day or just am feeling down they are always willing to pray for me. To stand by me and be someone i can lean on. They show me love and friendship when i never earned it! They can cheer me up and make me laugh when i don't even want to smile! They can crack a joke, give me a hug, or say a kind word that brings a smile back to my face.

I only wish i can be a good friend to them as they are to me! I hope i can be!! They are so special to me and i thank God EVERY DAY for sending them down the same path as me. I hope i can be their friends for a very long time to come but even if we go seperate ways in teh coming years i will always remember them as wonderful people who i love very much!

So if you are my friend this is for you! All of you are amazing!!!

And thank you God for being my greatest friend!!!



"He Carried Me"

So I was just sitting here doing some stuff on my computer and I suddenly realized that just two weeks and two years ago my dad sat me down on the couch and told me something that changed my life. I had been talking to my sister, Bridget in the other room and the other kids were just doing their own things. It seemed like a completely normal day...but it wouldn't be for long.

My dad and mom walked in from talking outside together and had us all sit down in the living room. My dad, a commander in the Navy, looked us all straight in the eye and told us that he had been called to active duty in Iraq. I was speechless...my world got blurry and i couldn't think straight. I finally got a few words out of my mouth and asked me how long he'd be gone. He looked at me and started crying and whispered, "a year." It was then the tears came.

How could God let me daddy go away to a war zone for a year at this point in my life? I was just goign to start highschool soon, i was trying to figure out being a teenager, i needed my dad there to help me and God was pulling him away. I felt completely lost and alone sitting there watching my dad cry.

Anyway it was a long and hard year for me and the rest of my family. But God pulled us through and brought me closer to Him and to my friends through it all. And i thank Him for that.

So today i am thanking Him for bringing my dad home safe and giving me strength to get through tough times. I know i will have many more throughout my life that may not end up with a happy ending like this one did but i know that God will always be by my side and He will also put people, who love me and are willing to help me through it, in my life.

So i encourage anyone out there who has a rut in their road and can't get out that God is there ALWAYS and even when it might feel like He is so very far away...He isn't!

"Even though I'm walking through the valley of the shadow, I will hold tight to the hand of Him, His love will comfort me, and when all hope is gone and I've been wounded in the battle, He is all the strength that i will ever need, He will carry me!"