Memorial Day Picnic

Hey Y'all,

Here is some pictures I took at our church during our Memorial Day Picnic, we had a blast! Hotdogs, chips, pop, nice sunshine, games, and great fellowship! I love my church family and friends! :D


They make me laugh! :)

Awww... :D

They really do love each other...really! :)

Haha i have no idea what i'm doing in this one! :)

More to come....


John and Brittany

These two lovely people are some good friends of mine who got married in February this year! :-) And just a few days ago we had a great photoshoot at a beautiful park near my house! I thought i would put up some of my favorites shots for you all to see! :D

Let me know what ones are you favorite and if you like them! I'd love to hear from you! :-)




Sorry for not posting for a long time!! I will be sure to post more now that it's summer and i have less things to do with school and such!! I dont' know about all of you reading this but at my house it's soooo beautiful!! The weather was just perfect today! The sun was shining but there was just enough warm breeze to make it a nice cool warm day!! Ugh, i loved it so much!!

I spent a lot of time outside taking pictures and having a great day! I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as i did!! :-) Here's some pics i took just today!! Saw the first butterfly of 2011!! WOHOO!!! I got a quick picture of it before i flew away! It was so pretttyyyyy! :-)

So hope you all are having a great day!! Enjoy your warm weather!! Let me know what you think of the pictures!

The butterfly! :-)

Our hose nozzle

I. Love. You. :-)


March Snowfall! :)

So remind me what happened to spring!?!?!! hehehe Obviously it took vaca or something! ;) Let's hope it comes back relatively soon, right? Cause at least i am looking forward to warm weather!!! :)

What do ya'll think? You like the snow or are you wishing it was warmer? I think i like it i just hope it doesn't stay TOOOO much longer! hehe i'm a sucker for warmness! :D

I took some pics today that i'll be putting up soon so look out for them! :D



"The Girl With A Secret!"

A picture of my bestie, Josie!! I really liked the feeling of this photo!! The old fashioned chair and her positionon it...just looked supper unique and interesting. Plus the colors of her skirt add something to it. My favorite part of this picture is her facial expression. She looks like she has a secret she is hiding but can't help but smile because of it. you wonder what she is thinking about...

HOpe you  like it


Like? Dislike?

A picture of my acoustic guitar. Kinda a different perspective and angle but i liked it...what do you all think? I'd love to hear your opinion! :)



Happy Valentines Day

I prefer to just think of it as "I'm Offically 15 and a Half  Day" since my birthday is August 14th but for the rest of you I'm sure you are just thinking of it as Valentines Day! :-) The day where you specifically take time to tell someone you love and care for that you indeed do love them.  Maybe buy them roses or candy. Perhaps specifically those heart shaped candies that have all those sayings on them, know what I'm talkin' about?? Some say "Kiss Me," "Call Me," "Your Beautiful," "I <3 You," "Hug Me," etc. You may take your significant other out to dinner or do nice things for them throughout the day. There is a lot of different things you can do for the people you love on Valentines Day!

Sometimes being a single young woman or a single young man you may hate this day because there isn't that special someone in your life at the time. I know sometimes you read all those status' on facebook or hear other people say lovey things to their somone and you find yourself wishing you had a someone. But don't feel depressed and sad about it. Because ultimately you have the best valentines in the world! God loves you more then you could possibly imagine and the best thing about it is HE ALWAYS WILL! We can't ever do anything to make Him not love us! He will never stop! That should make us smile everytime we think about it!

So if you are a single person and maybe are finding yourself struggling today, please let me encourage you! Don't think that just becuase you don't have a significant other means no one loves you!! I don't have a boyfriend and my daddy got me flowers, kissed me, told me he loved me and that I was his valentine!! And most importantly God loves us! So you can go through today knowing somone loves you very much and wants you to be His valentine!! Will you be His?

John 3:16


Some Recent Photos

So since I've been taking my photography class at a Homeschool co-op of ours I've been taking a lot more pictures, obviously because I need to take them for my homework. Cause sometimes I have a hard time being motivated to go outside or inside and take pictures. So taking this class has given me good motivation to get it done so I can finish my homework.  :)

So anyway here are a few of the recent photographs I've taken. I've been really interested in black and white photography lately as well!! I think it draws your attention to what the picture is really about since it is so void of color. It makes you really look at the image and wonder about it.

So I hope you like the photos!

Me and My Babie! :D haha

My friend, Josie! :D She's so pretty!!

(This was taken by a friend of mine, actually Josie, the girl in the picture above. She did a great job!)

Me, i get bored a lot so I practice taking pics...yeah...don't ask..haha

Me and my guitar! :D

My friends, sunglasses

A photo of one of my best friends, Micah, and his electric guitar!! I loved doing the color splash on this one! it was really fun and turned out looking supper cool!



Oh my dear I'll wait for you
Grace tonight will pull us through!!

Until the tears have left your eyes
Until the pain can sleep at night
Until the demons that you're scared of disapear inside
Until this guilt begins to crack
And the weight falls from your back
Oh my dear I'll keep you in my arms too! <3

-Tenth Avenue North


Today! :D

So today was going to be REALLY busy but plans changed. We were planning on going to our home-school co-op but our car battery decided to die on us this morning SOOOooo we didn't go. :) BUT it gave me time to work on some reading i had to get done and a scarf i'm knitting!  :) It's really fun!! :D THEN it gets even better!! Tonight we are having some really good friends over to watch a movie and chill and eat popcorn!! YAYYY!! I'm very exciteed!! It should be fun!! :D

Hope you all are having a great Friday! :)


My Heart Will Go On...

So if you all didn't know I love to sing! I've been singing since I can remember and I've been told at a very young toddler age I used to always hum to myself and love to listen to music! About close to a year or a little less ago I began to take vocal lessons in the hopes of training my voice better. At first it was more work then I thought it would be. I had trouble getting myself to practice and still at times do. I was used to just singing and not doing any work behind it so when I did have to start working and practicing...welll...you know how that goes! ;-) hehehe

Well after many months of practice and hard work on both my teachers and mine's part. We finally have my Vocal Concert set to a date! :) Early June 2012 I'll be preforming it! :)

MY big news about it is that i get to finish my concert with one of my favorite songs! If you all have watched "Titanic" with Kate Winslet (if you haven't i would warn you that there is some inappropriate scenes that are best skipped) you may know the song "My Heart Will Go On" that is the theme song of the movie!! Well i will be preforming that song to end my concert and i am so psyched! i love that song!! :D YOu should go look it up if you have never heard it!! :)

Hope you all are doing well!!



I love music!! I sing, play guitar, and play drums. Music is one of my greatest passions! I love all kinds of it! Rock, Pop, Comtemporary, Country, Classical, Instrumental, Upbeat, Fast, Slow ETC! I love to sing as well!! I don't thank God enough for giving me the ability to sing. And i know i take it for granted all the time!!

I love playing my guitar and singing as loud as i want rocking out in my bedroom! Strumming the 6 gold strings and hearing all the different sounds fold and come together to make one perfect note! OH just gives me the shivers playing or thinking about it!

I love to hear people sing as well!! Bass, tenor, alto, soprano, you name it! I love the richness and difference of everyone's specific voice! No one is the same yet you can get a group of people together to sing harmony and their individual voices blend and mix together! I myself am not very good at harmony but i know some people that are very talented at it and i just love singing with them. Their voices blends with mine and makes a whole new better sound!

I thank God for blessing the world with music!! I pray i won't take my talents and voice for granted as much as I do and use them every moment for God's glory only!! I pray you all do the same with each and every talent God has blessed you with. Weither it's music, or writing, art, etc. Use it for God's glory alone!