Entry 17: "God Has Wiped Us Clean!"

Whew! just got done tiding/dusting/polishing/sweeping/and mopping part of the house geting ready for my dad's return! The smell of Murphy's Oil Soap is throughout the house and my hands are all pickled from being in the water for so long! : -) Sometimes i hate cleaning but other times, like today, I find it relaxing and a time to think and pray. Also, the satisfaction of the room that you just finished is a joy! what once used to be a dirty dusty room you turned into a sparkling beautiful one! The sight when you wipe off a dusty table and you can see the shiny streak cutting through the dust!

Reminds me of what our hearts and lives looked like before God grabbed up a cloth, soaked in his Son's blood, and wiped us off, cutting through our sin and darkness! We were like that dirty old table and would have been that way if God had not decided to clean us off. A table can't dust itself off, just like we can't save ourselves! Only God is capable and powerful enough to do that!

So us, being once dirty and dusty tables and chairs, are now sparkling and pure and we need to give God thanks and praise for cleaning our hearts with such a sacrifice!!!

Thank you, God, for wiping me clean and calling me your child!



MIgirls said...

Mrs. T

Micah Man said...

Wow!! Great comparison, Miranda!! I can't say I love to clean like you do, but I can say that is one of the best comparisons I've heard in awhile!! Praise God that he has dusted us all off and spread the white table cloth of Jesus over us! Thanks for sharing this with us!!


Kyrie said...

Beautiful post Miranda! You are so right, and the symbolisim here is so good.
It's great to hear someone else who thinks of cleaning like that! I thought I was 'the only one' who sometimes finds it a chore, and other times a rest!



Hannah said...

Oh I know, it is so nice to get things clean and to be clean!
Grace and I are in a kitchen cleaning frenzy today!