Entry 55: "Life"

Dear Readers,

So I know I haven't posted in awhile. Unfortunately I forgot my username and password to my blog so  I couldn't log in. Smart ol' me! :) But finally after trying everything I could possibly think of I got it right and was able to get in. :D

So hope you all are doing well! Life is going well for me recently! History exam in two weeks which i'm not entirely looking forward too but life's life. :)

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! I get to go with my sister to college. It will be fun! Also i get to see my friends and practice music at my church! I'm very excited and looking forward to it!

Well off to other things!
God Bless,


Josie said...

Yeah! It's a good thing you remebered the password/ username, that's happened before to me... It's so anoying! :P I'm glad to see you back on blogger world girl! :)

Micah Man said...

Glad to see you on your blog again! :D Hope your history exam goes well!!

Looking forward to tomorrow too! :D

Miranda said...

Yeah it is pretty annoying isn't it, josie!?! :) Thanks! Good to be back!

Thanks mikei! I appreciate it!

Glad you are too! :)