March Snowfall! :)

So remind me what happened to spring!?!?!! hehehe Obviously it took vaca or something! ;) Let's hope it comes back relatively soon, right? Cause at least i am looking forward to warm weather!!! :)

What do ya'll think? You like the snow or are you wishing it was warmer? I think i like it i just hope it doesn't stay TOOOO much longer! hehe i'm a sucker for warmness! :D

I took some pics today that i'll be putting up soon so look out for them! :D



Micah Man said...

I love snow, but I'm still ready for spring to come too!!


Miranda said...

Yeah it's sooo pretty, but i think i'm ready for flowers and grass to be here! :)


Micah Man said...

We wanna see those pics!! :D Or at least I do!! :) haha! :)