Sorry for not posting for a long time!! I will be sure to post more now that it's summer and i have less things to do with school and such!! I dont' know about all of you reading this but at my house it's soooo beautiful!! The weather was just perfect today! The sun was shining but there was just enough warm breeze to make it a nice cool warm day!! Ugh, i loved it so much!!

I spent a lot of time outside taking pictures and having a great day! I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as i did!! :-) Here's some pics i took just today!! Saw the first butterfly of 2011!! WOHOO!!! I got a quick picture of it before i flew away! It was so pretttyyyyy! :-)

So hope you all are having a great day!! Enjoy your warm weather!! Let me know what you think of the pictures!

The butterfly! :-)

Our hose nozzle

I. Love. You. :-)


Micah Man said...

Yeah, the weather's awesome here too! ANd I had an amazing do as well!! :) Love the pics! You do a great job!! :)


Jennifer said...

The weather HAS been great! Glad to see your writing again! Love the photos!

<3 Jenn

Miranda said...

Glad you have had a amazing day as well, Micah! Thanks very much!! :-)

Thanks, Jenn! :-) I appreciate it!