Entry 20: "Nik's Seventh Birthday"

Okay so this post is a little late, sorry! But on Feb 2, 2010 my little bro, Nikita William, turned seven years old!!! WOHOO!!

Nikita was adopted from Russia at the age of one and a half! I can never thank God enough for making him a part of our family!! He has been such a blessing to all of us!!

When we were going through the adoption process they sent us a picture of what the child looked like that we were going to adopt. I looked at the picture of Nik and i feel in love with him than and there! He was perfect for our family!!!

Here is the picture:

I have been able to watch him grow into a laughing, hilarious, funny, spunky, strong seven year old and it seems like just yesterday i met him for the first time!!

When dad and mom went to the orphanage to visit him, dad and him were playing together and dad was able to make him laugh for the first time. This picture captured the moment! :-)

He loves music and LOVES to sing! One day he was in the car and began to sing a song and make up his own words. He will sing anywhere and anytime. Sometimes i will be singing a song from the radio and he will start singing it with me word for word! It is amazing!! God has truly blessed him with a gift for music! He also loves to dance!! He will come up to me and ask me to dance with him in the kitchen! He is an amazing boy!!!

He also loves to dress up and play pre-tend games!! He has a great imagination and uses it daily!!

Here are two pictures of him when he just last year when he dressed up as James Bond. :-) He was so cute!

So happy birthday Nikita! I love you so much and i can't wait to see God use you for His glory in the coming years of your life! :-)


Your big sister,


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Nik!!
That first picture of him is so cute!

Miranda said...

Thanks Hannah!!
I know! I feel in love with it!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!!!! Plus the ones on the side! My Grandparents liked them to! They said he has grown soo... much! :-)


Miranda said...

Thanks Jenn!!! :-) I know it seems like yesterday we were teaching him how to talk and now we are teaching him how to read! AHH! I blinked and he was all grown up!! :-)

Can't wait to see you!

Micah Man said...

Awww...So cute! Sorry for the late Happy Birthday from me!!! : ) So glad you have such an awesome brother!


Anonymous said...

Miranda, this is SO amazing! I am so glad that you shared this!
I'm very thankful that God brought him into your lives, for you are a wonderful example to learn from. Keep being the fantastic role model that you are!

Miranda said...

Awww thanks, Sarah!!! You are awesome as well!! I know you are a woman who loves God and you live it out daily!! You are a great encouragment to me and a great friend!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I love yours!!!


Kyrie said...

How cute! Wonderful post!
Love all the new pictures! I didn't realize you had that many brothers and sisters