Entry 23: "Old Memories"

Talking at the dinner table tonight we got on the subejct on record players and such. While us girls were cleaning up dad brought up from the basement a big brown box of old records. Nik stated, "WOW! those Cd's are huge!!" : )

Dad than dug out his turntable, hooked it up, stuck a record in....and "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles started playing througout the house. I have never heard a record before and it was a new experiance! Mom and Dad began to tell us stories about their first record they bought and all those wonderful memories from their childhood.

I was stunned when i learned that, in their time, if you wanted to learn how to play a song from your favorite band you had to figure it out yourself without looking it up on the internet or watching a youtube video of it! I was totally speechless!!! :O Also when you wanted to change the song you couldn't just press a button, you had to go over to the turntable, and move the needle over till it hit the song you wanted!

Bridget than walked into the living room with her Ipod and mom said it is amazing how you can fit so much music on that littlet thing and by the push off a button play, pause, fast forward and rewind! Isn't amazing how times have changed!!

Listening to this music brought smiles to everyones faces! Nikita got up and began to dance with Bridget while mom and dad continued to sing along with the songs and dance to the twist!!!!!

What wonderful family memories this has brought that we can look back in ten years when Ipod will be gone and we will be able to listen to music by someother device! This brings me to a interesting question i cna ask you all!   What do you think listening to music will be like in ten years???



Hannah said...

In ten years? We will have little chips in our ears smaller than a bluetooth, when we want to switch to another song, play, stop, any of those things all we have do is think "play" or "stop" and right as we are thinking that it will happen.
Lets get together in 10 years with our own children and talk about how complicated cds and ipods were when we where younger- okay?

Miranda said...

haha! i love that idea! :-)

sounds good to me! :) haha! i'll put it on my calender! ;)


Anonymous said...

I think that in ten years we will be still be hearing birds singing in the trees. As far as how we will be listening to music, well first of all the computer is going to be a internal chip in our brain and so we won't have to go on the internet and before we even think of down loading a song we will already be listening to it. So while we are listening to a song or looking something up on the internet, texting, or e-mailing, we can do it just by thinking, (if we can still think by then!)

I don't think we will be advanced beyond the ipod.
~David J.

Singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord could never be replaced with modern technology. Listing to music in ten years, will be different in that listeners will always want to expedite what they hear, when they want to hear it, how they want to hear it, and who can hear it. This will be done at the lowest cost ever in history, but with the highest volume of song selection.
Do Re Mi,
Mrs. Flaugher

Anonymous said...

In ten years from now, we will share songs with one another using our voice because there will be no more ipods, internet, and computers due to the collapse of the US dollar most of us will be reduced to poverty and subsistence living and will talk about the days when we used to be able to use ipods, internet, computers and cellphones.
~Mr. Optimist (a.k.a. Mr. Flaugher)

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel old now, cause I grew up on records. I memorized all of Bill Cosby's routines via record.
And my brother and I used to listen to "MosterJam" all the time.
ohhhh the good ol' days :)

I think that in ten years, we'll be able to listen to music by a computer chip that is put in/on like a tattoo. And by voice command we can skip through songs.

Hannah said...

I awarded you!

Miranda said...


I have been having trouble getting to your blog. can you resend me the address, please?