Entry 41: "Fourth Folder...Fourth Picture"

Go to the forth folder in your photos and find the forth photo.
Post that photo on your post (no editin' no croppin' no nothin') and explain what the picture is.
Tag four people.

So this picture is my brother at his 11th birthday. I can't remember what the present is on his lap but i know that year he got a volleyball net, a volley ball, and a new soccer ball.

So let me think of four people to tag.....HMMmmmm

Okay i got it now!!


And if you don't want to do the tag it won't hurt my feelings or anything...just do it if you want too. Oh, and if you already got tagged sorry about that. : )

Thanks for tagging me, hannah! :)



Micah Man said...

Haha...that's cool! I think I'll do this one!! : )

Btw...you jumped from Entry 40 to 48...was that on purpuse? Ignore me if it was!! : )


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I will not be doing this tag because I would have to do the same pic that hannah did :)
thanks for including me!

Miranda said...

Okay sweet i will have to go check your blog out when you do it! :) Yeah i accidentally did that...i have to go and change it! :) haha

Okay that is fine, grace! :) Your welcome, sister.

Anonymous said...

Josh looks so delighted with what he is reading... his expression tells me he is anticipating something he will really like. I hope you get the results you want with the tag.. I've never done tagging before.

Jennifer said...

LOVE your background!

Miranda said...

Thanks!! You taught me!! : )

Jennifer said...

ha ha :-) Hey, I can't get to your photography blog! weird hu!