Entry 40: "Memories"

Just recently i walked down the cold wooden stairs of our basement and flipped on the dusty lightswitch. I hadn't been down there in a while and i had forgotten the wonderful smell of wood that filled my nostrils. I walked over to the back corner and pulled out a small box with a dusty green lid. On the side of the box was a strip of ducktape that had the name "Miranda" written on it. I snapped off the lid and set it down next to me. It had been a while since i had looked at my memory box and i had forgotten many things that were in there.

On the top were my many medals i had won from being on First Lego League team for three years. Memories of my teammates and coaches flashed in my head. I remembered the excitement in everyone's faces when we went to the tournament...and the smiles when we earned those medals. Sometimes it seemed like a lot of work being part of that team but those laughs, smiles, and friendships gained made it absulotely worth it all!!

Underneath my medals lay my old blanket I used to carry with me constantly. I recalled the times when i had a bad dream and I would climb into bed with my mom and dad. I would feel my mom's soft hand rubbing my back and her kind words soothing me back to sleep while i held my blanket in my arms.

After that I got to some recent items of my past. I pulled out all the cards from my 14th birthday party. I don't know why that birthday party meant so much to me but it did and i had kept every single card anyone had given me. I smiled and laughed as i passed from one to another. I thanked God for all those people that had come and celebrated that day with me...how blessed i am to have known them and have them as friends.

Than came the biggy....a handwritten letter i received from my father when he was in Iraq. I almost cried over this one!! I remember getting this letter like it was yesterday! For a minute i just stared at his handwritten taking it all in. I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out two pieces of pale yellow stationary paper. In the letter he wrote about how he was doing....the weather...about his job in Iraq...and all sorts of things. After i finsihed reading the letter i closed my eyes and pictured him writing it too me all the way in Iraq. I touched the paper gently smiling as i thought of him touching it as well. Throughout the rest of his deployment i read that letter countless times and after every time i was encouraged and had a smile on my face.

I am a person who loves things that remind me of other things. I love my memory box and i will always have it with me where ever i live. It reminds of the the wonderful people and things God has blessed me with. Sometimes God gives us something, we thank Him for it, and we move on. I do this all too often....but going though my memory box reminds me of them and i can thank Him again for them.

I guess i don't really have a major point to this post other than when God gives you someone or something to cherish save a little piece of it to look back on in the coming years and be reminded of all the blessings the good Lord has given you.



Micah Man said...

Yeah, reliving memories is so awesome!! God gives us so many of them!! I love looking back at photo albums from when I was younger...it brings back some great ones!! I have to agree that your 14th birthday party was awesome! I loved the ipod cake you made! That was sweet!! : ) Great memory!! Thanks for sharing all your great memories with us!!


Miranda said...

I"m glad you agree!! Yes...photo albums are another great way of reliving memories!! One big reason i LOVE to scrapbook! It was awesome that you and your family were able to come!! Thanks...and ur card that you gave me was the funniest ever!! I laugh evertime i read it! (this probably isn't making anysense to everyone else...sorry)

your welcome...thanks for reading!

Micah Man said...

Yeah, looking through old scrapbooks is awesome!! Yeah, I was so glad I was able to come! Haha...yeah, I remember looking for cards, and as soon as I saw that one, I knew I had to get it! Glad you liked it!! : ) (Hahah...probably not!)

My pleasure,

Josie said...

This is great stuff Miranda! I sometimes like to look @ old pics of G-Ma Cindy and remember her, and also some of the stuff I used to love. And also old pics of Mommy's family too.

Josie said...

I understand what you mean by the card!! It WAS so funny! I think that was a "Totaly-Micah-Kinda-Card"!! Hehehe ;)

Micah Man said...

Haha...Josie!!! I don't know whether to take that as a slam or a compliment!! : ) HAHA!! I'll chose a neither!! HAHA!! It was pretty funny!! : )


Anonymous said...

Oh I feel as if I was right there, beside you as you are going through your box. This is a very well written post. :) good job.
I have gone through many memories this year, as it is my Senior year and pictures and old boxes are getting looked and and opened.
I enjoy look back at my past very much as well. :)

Josie said...

Micah: that was a TOTAL compliment!Not a slam! :)

Josie said...

Hi Miranda!

you have been awarded the "Pure In Heart Award"!! Congrats! It is waiting for you at my blog- http://hillbillychronicle.blogspot.com/2010/04/award-whooo.html

Your sistah In Christ,

Micah Man said...

Haha...thanks Josie!! You are awesome too! : )


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I have a box like that and it is always enjoyable to go in it and remember...
I am a big memory person too! Everything holds a memory for me. I still have letters from you and your sisters! I love you all

Anonymous said...

I must confess, in haste I have gotten rid of too much in my life time that should have been saved. Your memory box idea is admirable. I have a strong photographic memory that keeps storage of many things in my past... but sadly in my haste I know I have brought sadness to family members who are more like you and would have rather me kept them.
Oh, well, I can't look back... but your example is praiseworthy... may others glean goodness from it as you have shared from your heart.

Kira said...

Hi Miranda,

I think you commented on my blog a while back... and I never returned it yet! :(

I agree, it's so neat to look back on old memories. I have a small memeory chest where I keep a bunch of things from my past years that I always want to remember. I'm a saver, so most things that can't fit in my chest have been moved to various places in my room.

Thank you for giving us a peak into your memeory box. :)