Entry 44: He Is Holding Your Heart

Have you ever had a perfect day where everything is going smoothly and you are having a wonderful time but then five seconds later everything turns upside down and you feel like you got punched in the gut and can't breathe?? Its like life throws a curve ball at you and you never saw it coming. You weren't ready for it and when it hit you you got knocked out and weren't sure if you would be able to stand back up.

LIfe is often like this. Just when it gets going well it come back around and smacks you in the face. It leaves you broken hearted, lonely, confused, and often desperate for something...that something is God. We cannot do anything without Him. We may think we can and we probably could for a short-term but long-term we would have a pretty rotten, dirty, and unproductive life without God pulling us through. So sometimes God as the pitcher needs to throw a fast curve ball at us to knock us off our feet and get out attention to let us know that we have been ignoring Him and living life without Him.

So if you are in that kind of rutt in the road and sitting there searching for something...turn to God. He is the only one who can fill your needs and the only one you can lean on who won't dissapoint you. He created you so i'm sure He knows how you are are feeling.

There is a song that i have listened to over and over and over again when i'm down or depressed and it feels like no one is there for me.

Here is the first verse and chorus:

How long must I pray /  Must i pray to you /  How long must i wait /  Must i wait for you /  How long till i see your face /  See you shining through / I'm on my knees /  begging you to notice me? / I'm on my knees /  Father will you turn to me?

One tear in the driving rain / One voice in a sea of pain / could the make of the stars / hear the sound of my breaking heart / One life that's all I am / Right now i can barely stand / If you're everything you say you are / would you come close and hold my heart?

God is holding you heart! Run to him and He will set you on the right track and be with you until the end.



Micah Man said...

I love that song, as you already know! So true words!! Thanks for posting it!


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Very comforting!
I love the song. I have never heard that song. It is a very good song!

Kyrie said...

I just heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The words /are/ very comforting, and express what I've felt many times.
Another good thought-provoking post



Miranda said...

Micah: yeah i know that is a favorite or yours as well! THanks for reading it. :D

Grace: You should listent to the actual song sometime if you haven't already. It is very cool.

Kyrie: I'm glad you like the song as well!! Thanks for stopping by and reading it!


David said...

Thanks for posting it was encouraging and uplifting to read! :-)

Miranda said...

Thanks David! I'm glad you found it encouraging to read! Thanks for checking it out.

Zach S. said...

Hey Miranda!

On the note of God being the only one who can fill the void inside, it reminded me of a famous quote by Pascal; it's a little long but it's right on the money and what I think you were talking about:

"What else does this craving, and this helplessness, proclaim but that there was once in man a true happiness, of which all that now remains is the empty print and trace? This he tries in vain to fill with everything around him, seeking in things that are not there the help he cannot find in those that are, though none can help, since this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object; in other words by God himself." [Pascal, Pensees #425]

God bless and thanks again for commenting on my blog post! :D

~ Zach S.

Miranda said...


that is a awesome quote and i think it fits perfectly with my post! Thanks for sharing it! It was very encouraging to read!

Your welcome. i have found your blog to be very encouraging and nice to read.


Rachelle14 said...

I needed this post! Thank you!

Miranda said...

I"m glad it was encouraging, Rachelle! God has perfect timing for everthing!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely words you wrote. I like that you share right from your heart. Keep doing this dear one. Do you notice that when you ride an elevator everyone (usually) stands and looks straight ahead and hardly breathes a word or sound. Do you ever see a posting in the elevator telling everyone that this is the way they are supposed to behave while they are there? Then why does everyone seem to follow that rule? Well that's how much you may be at risk sometimes when you truly share your heart... you may seem to be breaking a rule as you notice or see reactions, but are you? Sometimes one needs to stand with their back to the elevator door and say, "Help folks how are you all doing today.? Isn't this a nice rest from having to walk? Most will exit thinking your crazy! Well that's the risk when we share our heart sometimes... Keep yielding your heart to the sentiments it feels, talk about it, ... it really does help others to know who you are and what Father is doing there.
May He continue to open the eyes of your heart and may you aways see Him and let Him shine... just like you did in this post!
Love ya,

Miranda said...

THanks for all the amazing encouragment, Mrs. Flaugher, adn the kind words! I always enjoy your comments!! :)
Love you too!