Entry 45: Blessings

What an amazing life I have! Today I have been counting my blessings and I have lost count!! God has blessed me with so many wonderful things that i take for granted every day!

My family, is always there for me. To protect me in times of danger and to comfot me in times of sadness and pain. We laugh, talk, eat, play, sing and have fun with each other every single day of our lives! How lonely my life would be without them next to me!!

My friends, are always so loving and kind to me. I really don't deserve them sometimes. Their friendship is one in a billion! I have so many great memories of them that i will always remember!! God has blessed me incredablly with bringing them into my lives at just the right time!

My God, is the most important of all my blessings! He created me in His image. Me, the dirty, filthy, ragged, sinful girl that i am was created in God's image and is now called His daughter. He took my in and clothed me. He died for me and is making a place in heaven for me. It makes me want to just cry thinking of how amazing God has been to me and how utterly cruel i have been in return. I take all these blessings for granted so many times and yet God does not take them away.

So i encourage all of you who are reading this to think about the most important things and people in your life and not take them for granted. Love them and cherish them with your whole heart because you don't know how long you will have them for. Make every second count. And most importantly thank God for bestowing these blessings on you and especially His very own Son who hung on a cross for us. We deserve hell but we have heaven because of God's grace and mercy.



Josie said...

Cool, I have a one in a illon friendship! :) {W/ You of course}

I love the new background, very fresh/summerish! ;)

Miranda said...

you bet, girl!!!! :)

Thanks very much!

Micah Man said...

This is so true! WE are so blessed! I have such an amazing family, and such great friends, like you, and such a great God! I don't deserve any of it!!


Miranda said...

We are very blessed!! thanks, you are a great friend as well!!! :) None of us do.


Zach S. said...

Family, friends, and God (and His remarkable love) ~ that's why they are blessings Miranda ~ they are the things we forget to appreciate and assume will always be. Each and every one of them are undeserved...that's what makes them what they are and that's what makes them so great.

Great post to remind us to count our blessings Miranda!

In Christ,

~Zach S.