Some Recent Photos

So since I've been taking my photography class at a Homeschool co-op of ours I've been taking a lot more pictures, obviously because I need to take them for my homework. Cause sometimes I have a hard time being motivated to go outside or inside and take pictures. So taking this class has given me good motivation to get it done so I can finish my homework.  :)

So anyway here are a few of the recent photographs I've taken. I've been really interested in black and white photography lately as well!! I think it draws your attention to what the picture is really about since it is so void of color. It makes you really look at the image and wonder about it.

So I hope you like the photos!

Me and My Babie! :D haha

My friend, Josie! :D She's so pretty!!

(This was taken by a friend of mine, actually Josie, the girl in the picture above. She did a great job!)

Me, i get bored a lot so I practice taking pics...yeah...don't ask..haha

Me and my guitar! :D

My friends, sunglasses

A photo of one of my best friends, Micah, and his electric guitar!! I loved doing the color splash on this one! it was really fun and turned out looking supper cool!



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Oh, these are great!! I love 'em! :)