Happy Valentines Day

I prefer to just think of it as "I'm Offically 15 and a Half  Day" since my birthday is August 14th but for the rest of you I'm sure you are just thinking of it as Valentines Day! :-) The day where you specifically take time to tell someone you love and care for that you indeed do love them.  Maybe buy them roses or candy. Perhaps specifically those heart shaped candies that have all those sayings on them, know what I'm talkin' about?? Some say "Kiss Me," "Call Me," "Your Beautiful," "I <3 You," "Hug Me," etc. You may take your significant other out to dinner or do nice things for them throughout the day. There is a lot of different things you can do for the people you love on Valentines Day!

Sometimes being a single young woman or a single young man you may hate this day because there isn't that special someone in your life at the time. I know sometimes you read all those status' on facebook or hear other people say lovey things to their somone and you find yourself wishing you had a someone. But don't feel depressed and sad about it. Because ultimately you have the best valentines in the world! God loves you more then you could possibly imagine and the best thing about it is HE ALWAYS WILL! We can't ever do anything to make Him not love us! He will never stop! That should make us smile everytime we think about it!

So if you are a single person and maybe are finding yourself struggling today, please let me encourage you! Don't think that just becuase you don't have a significant other means no one loves you!! I don't have a boyfriend and my daddy got me flowers, kissed me, told me he loved me and that I was his valentine!! And most importantly God loves us! So you can go through today knowing somone loves you very much and wants you to be His valentine!! Will you be His?

John 3:16

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