Entry 24: "God is Great"

GOD IS GREAT!!!! Lately i have been down spiritually but today God has filled me a sense of joy!!!!! I feel like i could explode with happiness!! In a little while I'm heading to church with friends to praise God through song!! And spend time praying with fellow believers!! I am excited!!

Just thought i would share my joy with you guys!!

Praising God,


Micah Man said...

Awesome!! So glad your in a great mood!! Glad God has restored joy to your life!!


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Yes, life can be like a roller coaster! I have my up and downs too. Jesus found Joy in His Life here on earth and we can do the same. Count it all joy when you face trials of any kind for you know that the testing of your faith is good for you.
Keep singing sister!
God is good and all the time!