Entry 46: A Corn Field

Dear Readers,

I hope all who are reading this are doing well!!

Have you ever been just doing something completely normal that you do every other day, or just sitting there in the car reading a book thinking about random things?? Well, I'm sure we all have done at least one of those two things many times in our lives, obviously.

Well, the other day I was sitting in the back seat of our silver van reading a great mystery book and listening to some great music! All of a sudden my mind blurred and i lost track of my book, my music, and the sound of the tires rolling along the dirt road. I was staring at a huge field of corn that seemed to stretch forever...at least as far as i could see with my naked eye.

And as i was lost in the picture of that corn field i had snapped and cemented in my head it grew and i saw the sky above it. A deep crisp blue layer of sky with fluffy white clouds dotted here and there. I saw huge trees, full of every color green you can imagine, bordering the corn field.

And it just kept growing...the field reminded me of my home that has a corn field right infront of it and by it. Then that reminded me of my house. And the people in it and my friends who come over to visit and all the fun memories i have had in that house, by the corn field, underneath the crisp blue sky.

Suddenly i blinked and a sharp shiver went up my spine and i found my self back in our van with a different song coming out of my head phones and my book laying on my lap longing to have the next page flipped. And right then and there I thanked God for that corn field and all the things that i had been thinking of.

It just so happened I was driving home from church when this was all happening and in sunday school i watched a sermon by John Pipper about how you can look at something magnificant and use that as a spring board to thank God for being so great.

That corn field threw me high into the sky of God's magnificant glory and i caught a small glimpse of how great our creator is. So if that corn field is a tiny speck in the place where i live....and the place where i live is a tiny speck in the world...and the world is a tiny speck in the universe...and the universe is a tiny speck in the galaxy...and God spook it all into being! How Great is our God!!

So i challenge you to look at somethign that usually is taken for being small and insignificant like a regular old corn field and make it grow to see how great God is. It will leave you speachless.........



Micah Man said...

That was awesome to read! Thanks for sharing with us! It's impossible to not look around and see how great our God is!


Zach S. said...

Great thoughts Miranda!

It is incredible that we constantly miss so much beauty in God's creation. I think that is because we are looking through it rather than at it.

We should never forget to look for God's fingerprints and His signature!

God bless!

~ Zach S.

Miranda said...

Micah: Your welcome! thanks for reading!! AMEN!! What a great truth!

Zach: Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, it is sometimes depressing when you realize how much we take for granted in this world. Yeah that very true!