Entry 47: MUSIC!!

Lets just put it down in a simple statement. I LOVE MUSIC!!  :D

It is such a wonderful thing! We can use it for so many different things and ways. You can send someone a song to encouraged them when they are down or you can write a song to express how you are feeling...you can sing a song to praise God...and you can just listen to music and find yourself lost in God's wonder and majesty!

I love music! I always loved playing my guitar and singing along to my favorite songs on the radio in the car or in my room with my Ipod even though i was probably totally off key. lol

I have this new favorite song recently...well...scratch that...I have MULTIPLE new favorite songs. :)

The first is called "Hold Us Together" by Matt Maher. I love the lyrics that talk about how God's love won't nessasarily give us a big job, won't pay our bills for us, or get us thing big house but it will hold us together in the stormy parts of life. It has encouraged me many times!! 

The second one is called "Starry Night" by Chris August. It talks about how from teh tallest tree to the birds that sing God is everthing and we need to give our life to him. I encourage you to look up both these songs. The lyrics are so vivid and give you such a great picture of what it is talking about..

Well enough on my rant of music. Hope you all are having a great evening!!!

God Bless


Micah Man said...

Guess what??? I love music too! Awesome! : ) I'm sure your singing right on key cause you have an awesome voice!! Thanks for the post!


Miranda said...

REALLY!?!! WHO. KNEW. :) haha
Thanks, micah! :) But on my ipod i can't hear myself and i sing really off key. My sibs stare at me and just do the "STOP SINGING" motion and i realize i'm totally off. Its pretty funny! :D
Your welcome! Thank YOU for reading


Micah Man said...


I have to say, I really don't believe that one bit! The only way that's possible is that you can't hear yourself cause of the headphones, so you can't stay in tune, cause i've never heard you out of it!


Amber Noella said...

Definitely will look those songs up!

Miranda said...


Yeah it's cause i can't hear myslef so i get out of tune without realizing it. Thanks! :)

You should, Amber, i think you would really like them. Thanks for reading! :)


Raich said...

Miranda, I smiled at the 'off key' part. Although, I have to say, it isn't often that you are off, even with your head phones.

You're right on about music though. What an amazing gift from God! Can you imagine life without music? No hymns, no singing, no instruments, no nothing.

Zach S. said...

I second Rachael and Miranda! I LUV MUZACH lol and I don't know what I would do if I could not sing, play guitar, write songs, listen to them, and worship God with music.

Isn't God good.

In Christ,

~ Zach S.

Miranda said...

Raich, i seriously can't imagine life without it!! It wouldn't be half as amazing!!!

Haha that's awesome you love music so much, Zach! :D Yes life would be much more boring if i didn't have my guitar to play our my voice to sing. And it is such a awesome way to praise God!

HE sure is!

Thanks for reading!