Entry 51: "A Life Full of Smiles"

Sometimes life is sad and there are tears and sad faces but thank goodness for the God above that always sweeps down and catches our tears when they fall and brightens our faces when they are down cast. I've had my fair share of moments in life where i have been like that. Where it seems like life is set on making you miserable forever...adn it will never get ANY BETTER! I'm only just 15 so i'm sure i will have many more such moments in the years to come!!

But when i did have those such moments i was so greatly encouraged by my Savior and God!! He touched my heart in a way no one else could! He was able to show me that i need nothign else in this world then Him and i need to rely on nothign else but that. Friends and family will be there for me temporarily but in time they will fade away or become strangers to me, perhaps. But God will always be there. Of course i will cherish and love my friends for as long as they are with me but i can't rely on them to be my rock! Because they will not be able to stand up for me every single time i'm in trouble. but God will!!!

With a smile on my face and laughter tugging at my lips I praise God with my whole heart for being that amazing and wonderful rock i can lean on! I love Him so much and always will...and He will always love me!!!

Hope you are able to smile a little brighter and laugh a little louder knowing that God is on your side and always will be!!


"Rock of ages, Jesus your the rock! Rock of ages, Jesus your the rock! Rock of ages, Jesus your the Rock! You are the rock! You are the rock our God!"


Amber Noella said...

Amazing! Yes, now I can smile bigger & laugh louder!

Micah Man said...

Glad to have you as a friend, but SOO glad you see that God is your solid rock that will never move! :) Amen sister!!


Miranda said...

Glad you can, Amber!!!

I'm so glad to have you too, micah!! AMEN!!! That is the most important for sure!! Glad we can remind each other of that! :D


Jennifer said...

:-D :-) =)