Entry 52: "School Begins!"

Well so far i'm in my second week of school! I started chemistry this year and am doing a high school history/literature class. It is fun so far...hard at times...but fun! I actually enjoy school most of them, which even surprises me sometimes but it's true.

My sister had her first day of college today along with my good friend, Micah, who also had his first day! I'm so excited for them!! My biggest prayer for them is that while they are at college their faith will stay firm and solid and that they will be able to shine a light for Christ. That people will be able to notice a difference in them. I have faith that they both have a strong faith in God so i'm praying that they will be able to lean on God through any trials or tribulations that coem their way! I"m proud of you two! :D

Hope everyone else who is starting school is enjoying it and having fun!!!!

God Bless,


Amber Noella said...

Happy schooling :)

Micah Man said...

Thanks, Miranda, for your prayers! Praying your school year goes great as well!


Miranda said...

Thanks Amber! :D

Your welcome!!! Thanks for your prayers as well! they are much appreacited!


Raich said...

thanks for the prayers, girl. I'm praying for you too! <3