The Little Things

So here I am! At Saginaw Valley State Universtity! Woke up at 4:45 (7:30 is usually early for me so i'll leave the idea of me waking up at 4:45 to your imagination) and pulled out of the driveway in pitch black. I'm sitting on a smooth wooden bench in a blue carpeted hallway. I can hear the professors talking to their classes and students hurrying to their classes are walking past me.

There are a million different rooms throught the thousands of hallways. I feels like a corn maze walking through the different buildings! How my sister finds her way around her, is beyond me!! :-) The students are all vastly different from each other. One young man walked by me in a suit and dress shoes with his book bag while another passed me with pj pants on and a Aeropostale T shirt. Nothing is the same here. Different hairstyles, clothes, shapes, sizes, heights, and characteristics.

Some of the kids walk past you and say Hi and smile kindly, while others seem to be in a hurry and walk right past you. I look at some of them and can tell they are in a happy mood (especially the one girl who was dancing down the hallway. She obviously got a good grade on that paper! lol) while others seem in their own world and you can tell they woke up a little on the early side of what they are used too...or they just hate colllege. :-) HAHA

So as sit here watching people pass me by weither noticing me or not, I feel a passion inside of me to reach out to them and touch their hearts with God's love. I want to be a kind of person who someone can look at and see God through me. I pray I can be a mirror for God to people all around me, wherever I am!

God, let me share your light with everyone, from the person in the suit and tie down to the guy who sits by himself with sweats and a hoodie on. You love them all! Please give me the same kind of love for them that you have! Let simple things i can do such as a smile, a friendly "Hi," and helping them with the door just touch them and cause a spark to happen. Let the little things make a big difference!



Zach S. said...

Good stuff Miranda!

Live the Christian Life and people will notice. They will see that you don't laugh at crude jokes or curse or lie and they will wonder why you are not like them. They may think of you as a stuck up or a goody two shoes--show God's love to them even more!

Develop relationships with your classmates--talking to people will lead to witnessing opportunities. God is good about that kind of thing.

The biggest thing to remember is something I learned from Voddie Baucham's sermon "Why I choose to Believe the Bible."

This is the youtube link to the video, if you are intersted... it helped me with my own witness :D And always remember, in the hardest of circumstances, someone is praying for you.

Keep Standing Strong for Jesus!

~ Zach S.

Miranda said...

Thanks, Zach! Thanks for reading!


For sure! You usually don't have a witnessing oppurtunity until after you have developed a relationship with that certain person. So yes, that is very important!

I am a big van of Voddie so I will check out that video for sure! THanks for sharing!! :) I apprecaite it! Thanks for that great reminder!

You too! :)

P.S Hope college is going well for you! And God is using you in many ways! :D

Anonymous said...

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Raich said...

Thanks for the reminder, Rana! So glad to see that heart in you to reach the lost! And you know what, I see God in you, especially in this blog! It has been such a joy watching you grow up into the godly young woman you are! Thank you for the encouragement that you give me! I love you!