Something Glorious!

Have you ever looked at a person do something incredable, or seen something you thought was so beautiful you couldn't take your eyes off it!?! I know i have!! Every day there are things i wonder at and stop to stare at. Just so many things amaze me!!!

I"m sure you all have had this happen to you at least once before, So you all know what i'm talking about? You see someone sing or play an instrument and you just wonder how they do it! You see a huge building and wonder how someone built it! You look out your window and the grass has a layer of sparking snow covering it and the trees are glistening with ice.

But just think that all those things came from someone a thousands times more wonderful and amazing! God created those things!!! That is what should REALLY blow us away!

SO next time you see someone or something that catches your eye and makes you stop and wonder....look a little deeper and wonder at the Maker behind it! Those things are just a small reflection of how glorious He is!

"Show me something glorious, Show me something glorious, I'll show the Maker of it all, Show me something beautiful, Show me somthing beautiful, I'll show you the One behind it all!"


Amber Noella said...

I never really thought of it that way! I love that ;)

Jennifer said...


Jennifer said...

p.s. LOVE that song!

Miranda said...

:D i love it too!! the guitar to it is really cool! :D

Raich said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that song! And it is so true! There is SO much beauty in the world, but we should always, ALWAYS let that beauty lead us back to the Maker of it all!