"Friends Forever"

In the recent days and weeks i've been pondering my friends. And i have come to the conclusion i so don't deserve them!! They are so wonderful and kind to me! I really don't deserve it!!

Whenever I have a bad day or just am feeling down they are always willing to pray for me. To stand by me and be someone i can lean on. They show me love and friendship when i never earned it! They can cheer me up and make me laugh when i don't even want to smile! They can crack a joke, give me a hug, or say a kind word that brings a smile back to my face.

I only wish i can be a good friend to them as they are to me! I hope i can be!! They are so special to me and i thank God EVERY DAY for sending them down the same path as me. I hope i can be their friends for a very long time to come but even if we go seperate ways in teh coming years i will always remember them as wonderful people who i love very much!

So if you are my friend this is for you! All of you are amazing!!!

And thank you God for being my greatest friend!!!



Micah Man said...

You are such an amazing friend in return, Rana! So glad we can be there for you, but I assure you, you do the same for us, so thank you too!! Your a great friend!


Jennifer said...

Love you!


Miranda said...

Thanks, Mikei! :) I'm happy i can do the same for you! Thanks! YOU TOO!!! :)