Entry 38: "Haircuts!!!"

Hey Ya'll,

Just giving you a heads up that I'll be posting some pictures of my sisters and i's new haircuts. My oldest sister got her's trimmed up and looking great, my other sister got a PERM (and she looks beautiful), and i got a good couple inches cut off mine so its now short! : ) It is a little higher then my shoulders and i really like it!! So much easier to take care of!

Sometimes i wish i had long hair but my hair looks better short....at least that is what i think. : )

So anyway I will be posting some pics of us later on! At the moment my camera needs to be charged and i misplaced my charger...yeah...BAD! LOL! So hopefully i will be able to find that soon so i can show you all our awesome Do's! : )

<3 <3


Hannah said...

Can't wait to see the pics! I can picture it in my mind but photos are better :)
I have misplaced our battery charger before to and it is NO FUN! It was gone for a long time. It finally was found in a "junk bag" (do you guys have those??) thankfully it never made it to the burn pile that would be terrible!
Hey by the way, Rebecca just started a blog of her own today. I'll give you the link to it once she does as post because there is nothing on there yet :)
I'm sure she would love it if you commented and followed her blog too :D
Have fun with your new hairdos!
PS sometimes I wish my hair was not so long but I can't even think of cutting it because I know I would want it long the very next day lol! And it is kind of fun to know my hair is longer and thicker than my mother and sister's hair! Or any one in my family for that matter lol!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I really want to see the pictures!
can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I really want to see them too! I can remember a day when my three sisters and I went to the shop for the first time to get our hair cut. My dad wanted us to keep our hair long; but the pressures of society got us in I suppose. We all sat together as the gals cut our hair. My sisters may be too old to remember this,but I do, it was not a dream
But for real, we all got our different "do's" at the same time. I never wanted to dissappoint my dad, but I did. He never told me what he thought, probably because he knows he already told me what he liked- the choice was now mine. I have since kept my hair long for almost 30 years... I never liked it curl ironed, sprayed,steam rolled
steam rollers, new styles... but
I did it anyway and learned for me it was a waste of my quiet morning minutes... but thats just me
I am just a practical gal of sorts... I do get my hair trimmed every 6 weeks at the local shop to keep it health and growing. My beautician, Wendy is always telling me I have beautiful healthy long hair, but she is also asking me if I want it styled too.

ThingsI do do for my Hair Do:
I like to spray a protein spray on it for health and I have a really neat spray that makes my hair sparkly when I want it too. These are Giovanni products that are made from non-synthetic natural ingredients. In this way the gray ones look like soft almost indiscrimante
thin-lined iceicles. Real classy for a 48 year old like me.
I like wearing cloths on my head too, they cover my hair.
I am of Russian Ukranian descent and I really think that my covering is not only something God has made known to me, but I feel really very much like myself in doing so... Always go with your heart as you seek the proper way to represent who you are. Some mornings I take the time to braid my hair in 6 or more thin braids and then swoop them up in a clip and they hang down, spreading themselves, laying softly on my neck... outward beauty is not wrong and taking time for ourselves is good. There is a balance isn't there?
Your requests to me for my daughters blog:
I know you asked fr Rebecca's blog, it looks like Hannah is going to take care of that for ya.

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Hey Miranda!
I tagged you on my blog. here is the link to it


If you do this tag tell me when you are done so I can see it.