Entry 35: "Love Languages"

So you might be looking at the post title thinking, "What in the world is this post about!" HAHA!  A friend of mine wrote a post about this and it got me thinking. Everyone has a love language or in other words a specific way that they most feel loved or show love. There are five kinds of love languages:

-words of affirmation (good job, well done, I'm proud of you etc.)
-Quality Time (just sitting there being with the person)
-Gifts (giving people gifts for no apparent reason just to show them you care)
-Physical Touch (hugs, holding hands, kissing, just touching them)
-Acts of Service (picking the house, cleaning, helping them with whatever)

I kinda confuse my self wih my love languages but i'll try to explain.

If i want to SHOW love to someone i buy them gifts or hug them. I absulotely LOVE getting gifts for people! It is one of my favorite things to do!! I like it more then getting things for myself!! :-)

And the best way i GET love from someone is from words of affirmation of physical touch. And when it comes to words of affirmation: I like letters or notes from my family but i like the words in person better from friends. ( i know its kinda weird) but yeah...if a friend of mine comes up to me in person and says "thanks miranda" or "i really appreciate you" it means so much! But from family it means more on paper.

So enough with my book on my love language i would love to hear what yours is!!

How do you like to SHOW people love and how do you like to RECIEVE love???



Rachelle14 said...

Just wait until you get married! I thought I had my love launguages all figured out and then I got married and it was so different! I love to give gifts to people...gifts and cards so I would say my two giving languages would be gifts and words of affirmation.
Getting love from other people would probably be gifts and quality time.
Getting love from my husband is physical touch and quality time.
It's funny because I am not a touchy/huggy/feely person with ANYONE. But with my husband, if he doesn't hold my hand when I think he should, I'm sure that he doesn't love me any more! :D It's very interresting!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I don't really know what my love languages are! I have thought about this before and I think that when I get married I "might" know what mine are. Sometimes I try to think of what mine are and I cannot come up with anything! :)
It is a interesting thing to think about.

Micah Man said...

Just like you, I love getting people things, and I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a hug!! : ) I also just love spending time with people...I really enjoy that! I can see a little bit of every one of those! But I'd say spending time, acts of kindness, and touch is probably my top three.


Josie said...

That is a good question! I don't really know what mine is, but i haven't really thought about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Love languages? This is a good search for all of us.

~Miss Zara~ said...

Happy Easter
I saw your comment,I am Hannah's sister I have special needs and I am desperate for a penpal.

Anonymous said...

heehee, you mentioned me in your post :) i'm honored.
Well, you know my opinion on this ;)
I am super glad to know your love languages~now I know how to show you appreciation. :)

Josh said...

Hi Miranda!
It has been a while since I visited...
Hmm...My love language? I would say I show it through "Acts of Service" and "Physical Touch" and recieve love the same way.

In answer to your question, YES! Please DO post about the prayer request on your blog. The more people praying for this little one, the better!

Because He lives,

Miranda said...

Thanks for visiting, Josh! :-) I will be praying for this small child that is growing and in danger or dying and will be posting it on my blog for sure!

thanks for sharing it on your blog!