Entry 39: "Bridget"

Okay so i got some really nice pictures of Bridget after she got her perm! I don't have pictures of Rachael or I yet but i decided i'll just do one at a time! :-) Enjoy!!!



Micah Man said...

She is so pretty!! I love her perm!! It's awesome!! Your hair is really nice too!!


Miranda said...

I totally agree, micah! She is very pretty!! : )

Thanks...urs rocks too!

Hannah said...

Oh! You are so pretty Bridgett :)
Thanks for posting the pics Miranda can't wait to see some of you and Raich!

Micah Man said...

Thanks Rana!!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Hey Miranda!
I tagged you on my blog. here is the link to it


If you do this tag tell me when you are done so I can see it.

Jennifer said...

LOVE THE PERM! She looks soo... beutiful! :-)


Hannah said...

I tagged you Miranda (it's a fun short tag, I think you will like it :)
Go here:


Looking forward to you doing it!

*Ashley* said...

nice pics! my friend just got a perm recently. she looked great. i really like the layout of your blog. very cute. check out my blog when you have a chance. god bless!