Entry 34: "AHhhhh!"

I'm sitting at my computer after a long day!! Sleep over last night, voice lessons, in the car for almost four hours (Way fun!), studying for my biology test, birthday party....what a day!!

So here i am sitting on my wonderful soft bed in a warm fleeze jacket that my amazing father bought me chewing a winterfresh piece of gum! Can it get any better...i don't think so!! :-)

The day has been busy and hectic at times but sitting here, in the quietness of my room,  i flipped open my bible and found this passage that i wanted to share with you all!

"Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!"

-Pslam 46:10

When you are having a rough busy day just slow down and sit for minute listening for God. He is with you! But if we get wrapped up in our day we will never be able to hear Him! Be still....and listen!

Goodnight and God bless!


Micah Man said...

Wow...AMEN MIRANDA!! This post hit me in a good way! I need to take the time to slow down and hear God way more often! Thanks so much for posting this verse and your day with us!


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I took time today to take a walk out in the woods. I walked for a while up and down hills. On the the top of a big wooded hill out there is a bench. I sat down and was still before the Lord. He gave me peace.
Thanks for sharing the verse that the Lord blessed you with.
good night dear friend
It is late I should be in bed:)

Miranda said...

Micah: I'm glad that this post made an impact on you. :-) Thanks for commenting!

Grace: That sounds wonderful! I'm sure it was enjoyable to spend sometime along with God away from the craziness of life!

Keep listening!

Anonymous said...

You sound like me at times, except I grab a Heath Bar and a coffee tasting something, or a Dagoba Bar and "Total" yogurt; and sit or hike in various quiet places. I can believe you had to post this scripture: Just recently a older women gave me a small banner with a hummingbird impressed upon a soft white cloth with this truth impressed upon it as well...Oh sister, cling to this truth... I have to admit it has taken me a long while to be still and know that He is God... but I have to remember He is truth and He sanctifies me in it not myself... God is using you through this blog to testify of how his word is living and alive and active... keep chewing your gum, wearing your Daddy's gifts and most importantly sharing from your heart what God it showing you in His word to you.
Love Ya

Raich said...

That is so cool, Miranda!! That happens to be one of my favorite verses in the Bible, stuck right in the middle of one of my favorite chapters. I just love that concept of being still and knowing that He is God. Doesn't matter what has happened, doesn't matter how you're hurting, doesn't matter if it feels like He is a thousand miles away, He is STILL God!!

Thanks for sharing!