Entry 12: "Winter Pictures"

These are not my pictures, but ones that i found. I am not even close to being this good! But they were so pretty and captured winter moments at their best! Hope you all enjoy them as i did! Merry Christmas!


A Beautiful Snow Angel

A frosted Window Pane

A Leaf On The Snow

Truthfully I'm not quite sure what to call this is but it looked cool!

Snow Covered Bridge

Hope you all enjoyed them! I personally can't get enough of Christmas pictures!

So here is a question for ya'll: What has been your best Christmas memory?


Hannah said...

Those are nice pictures! The last one is my favorite. it looks just like how this little bridge that is near our house looks in the winter.
Have a happy winter!!

Miranda said...

yeah that one is my favorite one too! ;-) I bet that looks very pretty in the winter!

You too!

Micah Man said...

My best Christmas moment is sleeping in Beth and Jill's room on Christmas eve night! We would fake sleep, and then at about 2AM get our stockings and open them! Mom and dad would put them outside our door at about that time, so we'd wait for them to go to bed and go out and get them!! We did this from when I was about 7 till about 2 years ago!! It was SO much fun, and it's one thing I def. miss! Great memories!!


Micah Man said...

btw...the second to last picture is my fav! It looks like the trees do outside our house and down Thomas Rd. when it gets icy! I think that's one of the prettiest things about winter; the trees!!


Miranda said...


those sound like awesome christmas memories! Thanks for sharing! I like that one too! I have to agree that the trees are the best thing at christams!!!