Entry 6: "Scrapbooking"

Wow, full day today! Woke up at 7:00, got ready for church and headed off! Had a awesome day at church. We sang our first Christmas songs today and it was so awesome! i love christmas songs!  The sermom was very encouraging and great as usual.

After church i went home with the Micah and his family to their house so him, his mom, and i could all scrapbook together! it was fun! i had a great time with him and his mom! They are two great people, and since i have known them they have encouraged me so much in my walk with the Lord! Here is a group pic after we were all done scrapbooking!

Once we were done scrapbooking, after a few hours, we left and headed to our Pastor's christmas party at his house! Pretty much the whole church was there and it was a great party! We all got to hang, have fun, laugh constantly, and make awesome memories!

I hope all of you had a wonderful day as well! I know I have! :-)

God Bless!


Micah Man said...

I had a blast also! I never thought I could have fun scrapbooking! : ) Thanks for you help! The whole day was awesome!

Miranda said...

Well, you did a awesome job! Your creative side came out well! Anytime! I would love to do it again sometime whenever you are up for it! :-)


Micah Man said...

Yeah, that "T" I made was awesome! : ) Now I have to explain! Let's just say I made a pretty bad looking "T" on one of the pages! But hey, it adds character! : ) Would love to do it again, but this time with golf pics!

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had fun :).

Kyrie said...

I've never gotten into scrapbooking, but I'd love to! I love to 'create' !
Sounds like y'all have a great church! I'd love to hear more about it! I basically started my blog so I could record my church experiences - the Lord blessed my family in a truly AMAZING way when He directed us to our church! and I wanted to be able to look back maybe even years later, and re-read and re-live the fantastic memories. I would love to encourage others with my posts as well, and I've begun posting about just my life in general, hence the title of the blog. But anyway, I'd love to read more about your friends, people, and blessings you have recieved from your church!

I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I like to read a bit of the posting history before I become a follower, and I think I am ready to follow yours! :) (I will be following anonymously though, for various reasons, but I AM there ;) )



Taylor said...

Scrapbooking is one of my most favorite things to do!! I can certainly understand how you had so much fun. :)


Miranda said...


Scrapbooking is so much fun! And even more so when you have friends to do it with!

I just checked out your blog and it looks lovely!

Our church has been a great place for us and God has blessed us as well. This past year has been difficult in many ways for our family and our church has been there with us, encouraging and helping us, through the whole thing.

Thanks for following my blog even though you are anonymous. That is fine.


Hannah said...

Hey Miranda,
I tagged you on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Hey girl,

I tagged you also!!! :-)