Entry 8: "What Life Would Be Like Without Them"

Had a great night with my sister, Rachael, making christmas cards for friends and family.  The table was covered with paper, stickers, scissors, and pens while our faces were covered with smiles. Looking at her smiling face i think of how blessed I am to have her as a sister. As i sit there I try to imagine what like would look like without her and it wasn't pretty.

Thinking about this brought me back four years ago when i was in Barnes and Noble book store. I was playing in the kid section and i met this boy about my age. We started talking and after a few minutes i asked him how many siblings he had. His face suddenly fell and turned sad. I wondered if i had said anything wrong. He replied and said that he was an only child. I didn't really know what to say.

After we left the store I thought about what it would look like to be a only child. I do so many things with my siblings. Play music, scrapbook, play outside, watch TV, play games, and just talk in general. My life would be so boring if i didn't have them to do those things with.

Sometimes i think, "Why can't i be an only child and just have time to myself for once!" Then i realize that, yes i would have time to myself but what would i do?? I would like it for awhile and than i can picture myself sitting around doing nothing with no one there. 

So i guess i was able to remind myself tonight that siblings are one of the best things in my life and that no matter how much they bug me and nag me, life will always be better with them right by my side.



Micah Man said...

Amen!!! I couldn't live without my siblings either!! I'm seeing less and less of them as they get older and it's no good! : ) It's def great to have a lot of siblings!

Miranda said...

yeah, i guess it is tough to be the youngest sibling cause all the other ones leave and you are left at home alone. You got friends but i know that is not like real siblings. :-)


Micah Man said...

Yeah, not quite the same...but they are def. the next best thing!! : )

Hannah said...

My siblings are my best best friends! They are GREAT! I know what who mean, life would be so dull. Even though I still have my oldest sister, it is different to have her married. I sometimes miss having her here with me everyday, but I am so thankful that the Lord brought her and S. together. And having nephews is SUPER WONDERFUL besides!!

Dilvîn said...

I love my siblings! they are my best friends
Thanks for sharing you thoughts
Brothers and sisters are a gift from God that must be loved and handled with care. I have a hard time thinking what it would be like without them. I miss my older sister . But is nice that she lives only 9 mi. away! I was with her and her boys all morning helping her out.
Have a good night and good day tomorrow
...I awarded you! go check it out on my blog!
Have fun!

Raich said...

Of course we are!! No seriously, all my sibs are awesome including you, Girly! Thanks for scrapbooking with me last night! It was a blast!

Kyrie said...

Great post Miranda - I've always wished I had more brothers and sisters. But at least I do have one! Sometimes I find myself taking her for granted... my constant prayer is that the Lord would help me appreciate all the blessings He's given me



Hannah said...

I awarded you on my blog Miranda! It is the "Lovely Lady, Lovely blog Award"!

Miranda said...

Thanks Hannah and Grace for awarding me on your blog! I miss seeing you both so much! Our families should TOTALLY get together some time!


Hannah said...

Hey Miranda,I awarded you with the same award Grace did. I know she awarded you with it, but your blog really is one of my favorites!

Hannah said...

I awarded you again! Sorry to swamp you with awards, but you really do have a GREAT blog!

Miranda said...

Thanks Hannah! You have a GREAT blog also! i love it!