Entry 2: "Christmas Shopping!

Helllo Friends!
Today I spent shopping at the mall with my sister and best friend.  We had a awesome time christmas shopping for each other and others! My heart was full of joy with Christmas spirit. Decorations, music, pictures, the whole deal! I love the feeling of Christmas where you can snuggle up under a blanket, with your family, next to the fire and watch your favorite christmas movies, sing your favorite christmas songs, play games and spend quality family time together!

Even though we were shopping for gifts to give and reciev,e i hope that all our hearts are most excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

I hope ya'll are having a great time getting ready to celebrate Christmas! I know I am!


Micah said...

Sounds like a blast! Gotta love the real reason for Christmas! Jesus Christ!!!

Miranda said...

It was a blast! AMEN!

Jennifer said...

Miranda thanks for letting me come along It was a BLAST!!!! Yes, I'm very exsited about Christmas this year and I'm VERY VERY thankful for God's son that came! :-) Even in all the kaoz of decorating and buying gifts for people I hope that no one forgets the really meaning!


Miranda said...

We loved having you, jenn! It was fun to spend some shopping with you and Bridget!


Kyrie said...

Excellent post Miranda! I LOVE Christmas time! The whole atmosphere is something that you just can't capture at any other time of the year. I pray we WILL stay focused on the real Reason - and that we will encourage others to do the same!