Entry 9: "Today's Happenings"

Had a great day today! Last night had a sleepover at Jenn's house, which was a blast! Came home and worked on finishing history homework for tomorrow and did some math. At about 6:00 i headed over to a friends house. They were having a open house for a woman who makes lotions, body soaps, hair soaps, air fresheners, and all those kind of smelly things. I bought some and I am so excited! I love getting smelly stuff! HMMMM!

I just finished my school and am sitting on the couch with my sister, Rachael. In a couple minutes we might watch a movie before we head to bed. : )

Tomorrow we are having our history christmas party! i'm so excited! we are going to have a Jeapordy game, ethnic food, gift exchang, and lots of fun! It has been a good week and hopefully will continue to be that way!


Micah Man said...

Yeah, tomorrow's gonna rock!! Sounds like you had a fun day!


Miranda said...

Yeah it will but your Honors class is SO gonna beat us in the Jeapordy game! i just know it! : )

Micah Man said...

I don't know...I think you'll be suprised at how well you guys do! We'd better beat you guys though, or it will be really messed up! I think it will be closer then you think!

Hannah said...

Sounds like your happenings today were fun!

Dilvîn said...

What fun!
one of our friends up here is going to have a soap party too!
I like good smelly stuff too:)
... Like, body butter! the best!
winter is such a cozy time ain't it?

Dilvîn said...

Mama wants me to ask ya who the Lady is that sells the soap and other smelly stuff

Miranda said...


Winter is a cozy time! i love it! :-) have fun at that party! :-)

I just emailed my friend to send me some info about that lady. i know her name and that is all. i know she has a website for her stuff so when my friend gets back to me on that i will send it too you. Is there a email address i can reach you on?


Dilvîn said...

here is mine: marillahillbilly at gmail .com