Entry 25: "Friendship"

I was over at my friend, Jenn's, house and we decided to go take a walk in the yard. It was a blast!! She is such a awesome person! I have been so blessed to have her as my friend. She can tell when i'm down and she can tell when i'm lying and telling her i'm not down. : ) We finish each other's sentences and sometimes just laugh for not obvious reasons.

I have known her ever since I can remember and hopefully I continue to know her for a long time!! She is practically like a sister and I don't think anything could possibly seperate us!

We took some awesome pictures together and I wanted to share them with you all! Thanks for being a great friend, Jenn! : )


Jenn and I!


I found you Jenn!!

The creek

Jenn tried to jump across the creek and her food landed in the cold water...it didn't feel very good if you couldn't tell from the look on her face! :-)

My Shadow

Our dancing shadow

That is us completely normal...you should see us when we act weird! :-)

That would be...me. :-)


 (even though i look totally clam and collected this is what is running through my head: OH MY GOODNESS...take the picture already...i'm freezing!!)  :-)

Thanks for spending a great day with me, Jenn!! I enjoyed it so much!! : -)



Anonymous said...

Aw, this is nice. I feel like i just took a walk with you as well :)
thanks for the pic posting!

Taylor said...

I loved the pictures! My favorite is the eighth one down (where you look completely normal! :D)


Micah Man said...

Awesome pics Miranda!! And, I agree, we all love Jenn!! She is awesome!! Such a great person and friend!!


Miranda said...

Thanks sarah!! it was awesome to spend some time with you not at Delta and for more then an hour!! You should come to my house sometime!! : )

Yeah that is my favorite too, Taylor!! i love that picture!! Jenn just completes it!

Thnx micah!! :) She IS awesome and totally rad to the power of sick!! :)

Raich said...

Awesome pics, you two! Miranda, I'm sort of stuck with you, :-), but you are an amazing sister and Jenn, she is my fourth sister! You both are awesome and such a blast to be around! We would be in danger of total and complete boredom without you! Love you both!

Miranda said...

thanks raich!! haha yeah we are pretty good at keeping things alive! :)

Love you too!