Entry 30: "Deuteronomy 31:6"

"Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you."


Do you believe this? Now most of you are probably thinking, "Duh, of course we do!" but think about it for a moment....do you truly believe this??

When you are in fear of losing someone you love, tired of facing a constant fear, afraid to go out and share the Gospel, uncertain why God is giving you so many trials and the list goes on and on! What do you do in those instances...honestly!

Usually we give into fear! But this verse encourages us to trust in God because He is on our side!! Our enemies should be the real ones who are in fear!! God is on our side and will STAY on our side for ever!! Oh that just gives me the tingles thinking about!! How awesome it is to know that the creator of the universe is our best friend and helper in times of trouble!!

No matter what the trial or how weak you think you are, seek God's strength and you WILL be renewed!! That is a promise! :-)



Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Oh Miranda that is encouraging! It is like water in a dry land to my soul.
I will look to Him! Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!
I needed the encouragement.

Miranda said...

I am so glad to hear that you were encouraged and that God touched your heart through this post!! Keep trusting in Him, sister!


Micah Man said...

So amazing!! Thanks for the encouragement!! So often we don't trust in Him!! Thanks for this post! It was great!!


Miranda said...

I'm glad you also found it encouraging micah!! Unfortunately yes we do!! But along with serving a strong God we serve a forgiving God!! :-) Your welcome!! Thanks


Hannah said...

Oh I needed to read this Miranda! Thanks so much for posting it!
What a wonderful encouragement for me to ponder as I go to bed tonight (that is where I am headed)!!
I love you dear sister!

Anonymous said...


My daughters are so right, this word came straight from heaven to us through you. Let the word of Christ continue to flow out of you onto these pages as He leads you. My older sister in the Lord (Lynn) spoke this same word to my heart two weeks ago. She has been through alot but unreservedly seeks the truth. We know the truth its Jesus and Jesus sets us free! Hallelujah!

Mrs. Flaugher

Miranda said...

Thank you so much for the encouragment,Mrs Flaugher!!! I appreciate it so much!! I will be praying that your sister continues to seek His truth!!


Anonymous said...

:D I'm always blessed to read your posts, they are so encouraging and perfectly timed.
I needed this boost of trust, this week! thanks!

Miranda said...

Thanks Sarah!! It is always great and encouraging to hear that other people were encouraged and touched by my posts. :-) I'm glad you were boosted up!!

Hope this coming up week goes well for you!

P.S i'll miss you since delta is gone!! make sure to email me every so often and let me know how you are doign!! : )