Entry 27: "Learning More About You"

Okay! So i put this little thing together so i could learn a little bit more about all my followers and they could learn a little bit more about me. : )


Your Favorite Shoe Brand: Converse

Your Favorite Clothes Brand: American Eagle

Your Two Favorite Days of the Week and why?: Sunday (church) and Wednesday(music team practice for church)

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be: Scotland (love the style and accents!)

Favoirte Hobby: Singing and playing my acoustic guitar

Favorite Memory:  Hugging my dad after he came home from serving Iraq for a year

One word that descripes you: Random


One of your favorite songs: "Fire" by Krystal Meyers

Favorite School Subject (recess doesn't count): Math

Favorite Season: Fall

One word/phrase you use all the time: Okey Dokey Arichokey

( I seriously couldn't think of a picture to put for this one!) :-)

What is one of your favorite foods: PIZZA!! :)

Favorite Color: Blue

So just make a comment and tell me your answers! I would love to read them! : )



Hannah said...

Can I do this on my blog, sort of like a tag? I think that would be fun because I could put pictures of my own in there and then tell all my readers and followers to do it on their blogs!
I enjoyed reading your answers!!

Miranda said...

Yes Hannah!! That is a good point! Everyone else, you can either just put a comment on my blog telling me your answers or I would love it if you did the same thing on your blog like a tag. That would be fun to read your answers and put your own picture up. :)

Thanks for bringing that idea up, hannah! You're so smart! :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I am going to do it! (on my blog) I'll tell ya when I am done so you can see it.
Good evening my friend! ttyl

Micah Man said...

Favorite shoe brand: Adidas (My golf shoes :))
Favorite clothes brand: American eagle! YEAH!!
Favorite day of the week: Sunday, Wednesday!! Pretty much same reasons as you! : )
One place I wanna go: Scotland!! HAHA...wow, we're having a few similarities! Mine's because of the golf though! : )
Favorite hobby: Golfing, playing my bass guitar!
Favorite memory: hmm...my sister getting married was pretty sweet! Whenever I do well in a golf tournament is great too!
One word that describes you: hmmm...I'm not sure...I guess i'd say "Happy", but I think other people could probably better answer that!
One of your favorite songs: Salt in the Snow by The Classic Crime (Awesome song!!) : )
Favorite subject: definitely my economics class right now! Love that class!
Favorite season: I'd have to go with summer and winter! I like it either hot, or cold...none of this inbetween!
Phrase you use all the time: "Your quick like a jungle cat" is one of my favs...or "your sneaky like a navy seal" also usually gets a good laugh! : )
Favorite food: Mac n Cheese and pizza! YEAH!!
Favorite color: GO GREEN!!! : )

Of course, Miranda probably already knew most of my answers, but now some other people can see! : )

Miranda said...

Micah, Yeah i pretty much knew every single answer there already but I enjoyed reading them anyway. :) Thanks for commenting! :)


Livvy said...

Okay, here goes...:)
Fav shoe brand: Mudd
Fav clothes brand: Talbots or Ralph Lauren
Fav day: Sunday
Place to go: Ireland
Fav hobby: Too many to count ;)
Fav memory: Any family vacation
Word that describes me: Uhh...Unpredictable???
Fav song: Hmmm, have to think about that one...
Fav subject: French
Fav season: Spring or Autumn
Frequently used phrase: "Ummmm...."
Fav food: Dessert! :)
Fav color: Lavender & Brown, Lime & poppy Pink, or Cream & light Pink.

That was fun! I liked reading your post Miranda!


Miranda said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Livvy! :-) I enjoyed learning a little bit more about you!


~Miss Zara~ said...

love your blog

Hannah said...

I posted mine on my blog Miranda!

Miranda said...

Zara: Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it! Is there a blog of yours i can check out?? I would love to!

Hannah: Okay i'll check it out for sure! : ) Thanks for letting me know!

thoughts from a young man said...

Hi Miranda! I'm Zach S., the calvinist lol.

I like the blog. Not that anybody cares about what my prefs are, but...

Favorite shoe brand: Macbeth
Favorite clothes brand: Hurley and Volcom
Favorite day: Sunday (church and worship too)
Place to go: Washington D.C.
Favorite hobby: Writing songs on my acoustic guitar on my front porch at 11PM
Favorite memory: Gotta think about that...
Word that describes me: allsmiles, I hope
Favorite song: "This Is Home" by Switchfoot
Favorite subject: Politics
Favorite season: Summer
Frequently used phrase: "Yeah man."
Favorite food: meatlover pizza for sure
Favorite color: California Blue

Thanks for commenting on my blog...keep standing strong for Jesus.

In Christ,
~Zach S.

Anonymous said...

Favorite Show Brand: Tevia
Favorite Clothes Brand: Used
Favorite Day: "Hump Day" (a,k,a :Wednesday- your half way there.
Place to go: The secret place of the most high, under the shadow of his wings
Favorite Hobby: Sitting under a tree and meditating
Word that describes me: Deep Thinker
Favorite Song: Presently- "Mercy Came A Runnin"(don't recall author) and "He Loves Me by Coward
Favorite Subject: I like to study my husband, and often I fail at the subject, but 27 years has taught me alot
Favorite Season: Tough one, I live in a lovely four season state- I truly take in all the changes of everyone.
Frequently Used Phrase: "Do Thou For Me" (silently thought and spoken to my self)
Favorite Food: Pizza! with Chianti and later dessert: Chocolate and Mint Tea. If well-planned this menu can make the end of a very grumpy day unoticable to me
Favorite Color: Presently: Plum .



Miranda said...

Thanks ya'll for commenting on this!! It has been a blast to get to read all of your answers!! : )

God Bless you all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this on my blog!!
Great idea, Randy!! :D


Raich said...

Hey girl,

You probably know all mine but...here they are anyway.

Favorite shoe brand: uh...anything comfortable :-)
Favorite clothes brand: Christopher Banks is pretty sweet
Favorite Day: hmmm, not sure, it really depends on what happens during the day
Fav place to go: Europe, Scotland if I have to pick one, Italy or France next
Favorite Hobby: writing, LOVE IT!
Fav memory: well...I don't know, God has blessed me with so many! Dad coming home is definitely one of the top!
Favorite song: I don't have one but 'You Raise Me Up' is awesome! I was singing it in the car today and kept having to remember not to close my eyes while I was driving. lol
Favorite subject: writing; or the lit class I teach
Favorite season: there are good and bad about each one, I think I like best the diversity of all four
Frequently phrase: hmmm...'what?!'
favorite food: anything Mom makes :-)
fav color: blue, all the way, pale mint green, lavender, or silver

Miranda said...

Yeah i pretty much did know all those answers but i loved reading them!! Thanks!!


Micah Man said...


I love your response to "Frequently used phrase"!! "What" is so you!! I can see you saying that right now!! : ) Beth said the same thing, that's why I laugh!! : ) Haha...loved that! : )


Miranda said...

I thought that was funny as well!! she ALWAYS says WHAT!?! it cracks me up!!! ah, she is just a hoot!! :-)

Love you raich!