Entry 27: "Getting Better"

First i just wanted to say to everyone who has been praying for the sickness that has been going around the family, THANK YOU SO MUCH for praying!! God graciously answered our prayers and Josh is prefectly healthy now!! My mother got the cold and was in bed all day yesterday but is doing much better today!! She is up and around and helping us kids with our school work. Please continue to pray she continues to get better and doesn't get worse and that no one else gets the germ especially my older sister, Bridget, who is performing in a Charlottes Web play in two weeks.

I apprecaite all your prayers and kind words!

Praise God,


Micah Man said...

Glad to hear things are getting better!! Praise God!! We'll continue to pray that no one else "Catch's" it!


Micah Man said...
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Miranda said...

Thanks micah!! :) I appreciate it!!!