Entry 31: "Follow You"

We as humans tend to want to make our own paths and go the direction we want to go. When God shows us the path we need to take we all to often spit in his face and walk in the complete opposite direction! But God always knows what is best for us and what way we should turn! He is the only one who knows what is at the end of the path so it will always be in our best interest to follow him.

This is a song that has been a huge encouragment to me when i am tempted with going down my own path. A friend of mine shared it with me and every time i hear it, it spures me on to seek the path God wants me to take!! It gives me encouragment to share that Gospel with everyone i met!!

I hope these lyrics give you encouargment to walk down whatever path God takes you down no matter how dirty, smelly, and uncomfortable they may seem on the outside i promise you they will be for your best interest when you reach the other side!

You lived among the least of these / the weary and the weak / and it would be a tragedy for me to turn away / All my needs you have supplied / when i was dead  you gave me life / How could i not give it away so freely??

And i'll follow you into the homes that broken / follow you into the world / Meet the needs for the poor and the needy God / Follow you into the world.

Use my hands, use my feet / to make your kingdom come / through the corners of the earth /  until your work is done / Cause faith without works is dead /  and on the cross your blood was shed /  so how can i not give it away so freely??

And i'll follow you into the homes that are broken /  follow you into the world /  meet the needs for the poor and the needy God  / follow you into the world

I give ALl my self / I give ALL myself /  i give ALL myself...to you!!!!

God, help me to trust that your path is the best and to follow you no matter what!!



Anonymous said...

All of me...

Micah Man said...

You know I LOVE that song!! Great post!! Glad you like that song too!! Such amazing truth in it!!


Jennifer said...

That was great!! Thanks for the remminder!!!


Rachelle14 said...

That is an awesome song...and my prayer! Thanks for posting!