Entry 32: "Jeremiah 32: 17"

"Ah, Lord God!! It is you who has made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you."

A good friend of mine just recently shared this verse with me. I was feeling down and struggling with some trials and this verse really encouraged me!! I thought my trial was so hard and that i could never figure out a way to overcome it. I was at the edge of saing, "FINE! I give in....I don't care anymore....Its just too hard!" But then when this person shared this verse with me I realized i couldn't give in quite yet! If God created the earth, starts, sun, moon, animals, and me...I think He is quite capable of helping me through this trial!!

This verse encouraged me greatly to keep pressing forward and that with God all things are possible!! Nothing is too big or small for God! What a mighty God we serve!!



Hannah said...

Thank you Miranda SO much for sharing this. You don't know how much I needed to read this right now. I'm am crying, because I just love the way God works out ways to encourage His children.
I will keep you in prayer and please keep me in your prayers too. It would be very much appreciated. I love you dear sister! Keep pressing on to know the Lord, He is worthy!

~Miss Zara~ said...

Hi Miranda,
I have special needs and I am desperate for a penpal.
Please let me know
here my blog to comment back

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Dear Friend& Sister Miranda,
Thanks so much for posting this! It is so comforting,
I will trust in the name of the Lord! When dark trials come and my heart is fill with the weight of doubt I will praise Him still! We are all in a battle. We are on the Lord's side and He is winning! Keep trusting in Him. He is strong to save us from everything!
Rejoicing in time to come!

Miranda said...

Grace and Hannah: I'm so glad that you both found this verse encouraging!! I never really stopped to think about it until know but how great it is that we have and will alway have God on our side!! Its like reading a book with a epic war at the end and everyone now knowing the outcome...but we have read the last page and know that God will crush the enemy and we will have victory!

Miss you both,

Miranda said...


I really like your blog! i would love to talk more with you over our blogs! : )


~Miss Zara~ said...

oh okay,do you not want to be penpals?

Miranda said...

No i would like to talk more with you, just over our blogs.

God Bless,

~Miss Zara~ said...

Thats okay I am looking for a penpal

Anonymous said...

Hey" Little Sister",
We are in this together and Satan is defeated. God gives us undestanding according to His word not ours- it is encouraging to hear that His word is being shared with you... and now it goes out unto my daughters Hannah and Grace.

A song

He's building a body
In the earth today
A spiritual body
Its not of clay
Get into God's spirit
And learn to obey
God;s building a body
In the Earth today

We're the hands'
We're the feet
We're the ears
We're the eyes

He's the head
Of whose blood we are supplied
And when our hearts
Touch this union formed
Which Cannot be disjoined
We are made visible
The body of The Lord

Love Ya
Keep going!

Miranda said...

Thanks you Mrs. Flaugher! YOur comment was SO encouraging to me! : ) I love those lyrics to that song!! Is that a recorded song or no?

Love You Too